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Drug Rehab Maine

Drug addiction is steadily on the rise in the state of Maine, which is creating the need for more quality drug rehab centers in the state. When an individual has admitted to having a drug addiction, the situation should be addressed immediately and drug rehabilitation should be administered as soon as possible. The process of selecting a Maine drug rehab program for the treatment of a drug addiction can seem to be a daunting task, because of the many different types of programs that are currently available. These various options can include short term, outpatient, inpatient and long term, and if an individual is not familiar with the meaning of these terms, they can often be confused about what drug rehab option to choose for the treatment of their drug addiction. Short term outpatient care generally requires that the individual that is attending the drug rehab for their drug or alcohol addiction visits the treatment center on various days at specific times and reside at home during this process. Very few individuals that are coming out of a long term drug addiction can experience a solid recovery with such a minimum level of care. Long term inpatient drug rehab care is generally administered in a highly structured environment and the individual resides at the treatment center; this type of care is much more conducive to successful long term drug recovery. The latest government research by The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has concluded that long term inpatient care that lasts for a period of at least three months is by far been reported to be the most successful type of substance abuse treatment.

There are many different factors that will need to be considered in choosing a quality drug rehab program in the state of Maine for the treatment of drug addiction. The most important thing to inquire about is the success rate of the drug rehab center in previously treating cases of drug addiction. Drug rehab facility costs will also help to determine what treatment option is chosen, although maintaining a drug addiction can also be quite costly. By the time an addict agrees to get help in the form of drug treatment for their drug addiction, they may often have already lost a great deal. Aside from the material losses, many personal relationships tend to suffer dramatically when a drug addiction is present. Additionally, the individual that is addicted to drugs will suffer from poor self esteem, which can include feelings of worthlessness, shame and guilt. The reason for these feelings is simple; because deep down the individual knows that what they are doing is wrong. This knowledge creates a contradiction between the individual's values and their current actions, causing them to experience a sense of hopelessness.

  • The principle drug of abuse in the state of Maine is marijuana, which is both locally grown and imported from Canada and New York.
  • Cocaine is encountered throughout Maine, in various quantities including kilograms, and the use of crack cocaine is increasingly becoming popular in the southern and central communities of the state.
  • The availability of heroin is on the rise in Maine, particularly among younger teens. While heroin abuse is more prevalent in the southern communities of the state, it is also available in coastal communities and has spread into rural and remote areas too.
  • In the state of Maine, law enforcement officials have noted an increase in ecstasy use.
  • Methamphetamine is available throughout Maine, but according to law enforcement, it has not yet become a significant drug threat to the state.
  • The use and availability of cocaine, heroin and pharmaceuticals continues to be on the increase in the state of Maine.
  • The use of crack cocaine in of Maine is on the rise, particularly in the southern and central communities of the state. The cities of Biddeford and Lewiston in Maine appear to be the main distribution points for cocaine in the state.
  • Maine law enforcement officials have determined that Maine's size and predominantly rural population have created an ideal environment for the opportunity of large-scale methamphetamine manufacturing throughout the state.
  • Drug trafficking groups that supply meth in Maine are most often connected to outlaw motorcycle clubs or are members of "the rave set".
  • Methamphetamine is not currently a major drug threat in Maine, with the exception of the abuse availability increasing in Aroostook County.
  • The use of pain pills in the state of Maine poses a significant threat as many people feign ailments in order to obtain prescriptions for these narcotics.
  • The state of Maine continues to experience a noticeable increase in the availability of diverted pharmaceuticals such as Oxycodone products such as Percocet, Roxicet, and Oxy Contin.
  • Reports from the state of Maine's medical examiner determined that of all of the drug overdoses in the state in 2003 and 2004, over 90% of them were related to the abuse of prescription narcotics.
  • The latest statistics that have been reported in Maine indicate that 18% of all drug enforcement busts involved prescription drugs and that over 20% of all of the arrests in the state involved narcotics.
  • Admissions to drug rehab programs in Maine for drug or alcohol addictions services have increased dramatically in the last 4 years.
  • The latest government statistics in the state of Maine have reported that 7% of the adolescents ranging in age from 12-17 have used narcotics illegally at least once in the last year.

Finding the right drug rehab program in order to treat the drug addiction can help to restore the hope that has been lost in the midst of a drug or alcohol addiction, and give the individual a reason to look forward to the future once again. Contact a Maine drug rehab facility today, before it's too late.

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Maine Drug Information and Drug Trafficking

Drug information sources report that the primary drug of abuse in Maine is marijuana. It is both locally grown and imported from Canada, Massachusetts, and New York. The use and availability of cocaine, heroin, and diverted pharmaceuticals continues to increase. Methamphetamine remains a minor concern, but significant potential exists for production and distribution in the state. Interstate 95 provides an important north-south transportation route for drug traffickers travelling most frequently to sources of drug supply in several northeastern Massachusetts cities. Additionally, Maine's 228 miles of coastline and 3,478 miles of shoreline offer ample opportunities for maritime smugglers.

Cocaine is available throughout the state in fractional-ounce to kilogram quantities. Residents, primarily Caucasians, have historically utilized Interstate 95 in passenger vehicles to meet cocaine suppliers, generally Dominican violators based in Lawrence, Lowell, and Lynn, MA. The popularity of crack cocaine continues to increase in southern and central Maine communities, with Biddeford and Lewiston serving as the main distribution points for dealers.

Massachusetts-based Dominican traffickers continue to be the primary suppliers of high quality heroin to the Maine distributors. These distributors, who typically transport the drug in passenger vehicles, provide for an increasing availability of heroin in the state. While use is more prevalent in southern communities, it is also encountered in coastal and Canadian-border communities and has spread into rural and remote areas. Heroin abuse has increased, particularly among younger teenagers in Bridgeton, Rockland, Penobscot, and York counties.

Meth has the potential to become a major drug problem in Maine and abuse and availability have increased in Aroostook County. Low quality methamphetamine is often express-mailed into the state from California and the southwestern states. Trafficking groups supplying methamphetamine to the state generally are connected to outlaw motorcycle clubs or are members of "the rave set." The seized methamphetamine labs serve as a reminder that Maine's size and predominantly rural population create an ideal environment for large-scale methamphetamine manufacturing. Law enforcement officials in southern Maine have noticed a small increase in the use of MDMA, which continues to be associated with rave parties and the student population.

Marijuana, historically the illicit drug of choice in the state, is plentiful and readily available. Year-round indoor grows are common, but high grade marijuana cultivated in Canada has been smuggled over the border. Commercial grade marijuana is often obtained from middlemen in the southern New England states and New York. Hashish is available sporadically in small quantities, but the increasing popularity of hashish in Canada may change the situation in Maine. Traffickers have moved hashish and hash oil through Maine and into Canada.

Caucasian traffickers typically supply locally grown marijuana as well as marijuana shipped from the southwest border and Canada. Shipments ranging from 15 to 500 pounds typically enter the state via Interstate 95 in automobiles, campers, rental trucks, and tractor-trailers. Motorcycle groups continue to control much of the marijuana distribution in Maine, using associates to distribute approximately 300 to 500 pounds monthly.

Maine has a number of statutes related to marijuana possession, cultivation, trafficking, therapeutic research programs, paraphernalia, illegal importation, and asset forfeiture. These laws are often cited as the reason that Maine residents must travel to obtain their illicit drugs from out-of-state traffickers wary of the state's tough drug laws.

PCP purchased in Boston, MA is available in the southern portion of the state; LSD, available in gelcap form, is abused by young students; and psilocybin mushrooms, most often obtained from commercially available cultivation kits, are available in Maine. The state continues to experience an increase in the availability of diverted pharmaceuticals. Oxycodone products such as Percocet, Roxicet, and OxyContin are readily available. Dilaudid is found in Washington County, including the city of Calais.

Many instances of doctor shopping schemes, falsified prescriptions, and pharmacy robberies of OxyContin have been experienced in Lincoln County and the Portland area. Diverted Canadian pharmaceuticals also are being smuggled into Maine.

22 Farwell Street
Lisbon, ME. 4250
710 Bucksport Road
Ellsworth, ME. 4605
69 Deer Hill Road
Fryeburg, ME. 4037
261 Main Street
Yarmouth, ME. 4096
143 High Street
Belfast, ME. 4915
44 Oak Street
Portland, ME. 4101
1662 Post Road
Wells, ME. 4090
2 Armco Avenue
Caribou, ME. 4736
95 Park Street
Lewiston, ME. 4240
10 Water Street
Waterville, ME. 4901
69 Elm Street
Camden, ME. 4843
60 Ohio Street
Bangor, ME. 4401
4 Clark Street
Eastport, ME. 4631
280 Gannett Drive
South Portland, ME. 4106
15 Hospital Drive
York, ME. 3909
69 High Street
Dover Foxcroft, ME. 4426
413 West Main Street
Fort Kent, ME. 4743
9 Spencer Street
Augusta, ME. 4330
34 Silver Street
Skowhegan, ME. 4976
37 Mill Street
Brunswick, ME. 4011
52 Maine Street
Lincoln, ME. 4457
171 Eastern Avenue
Brewer, ME. 4412
5 Allfred Street
Biddeford, ME. 4005
1 Ayres Circle
Kittery, ME. 3904
2 Livewell Drive
Kennebunk, ME. 4043
408 Pond Road
Island Falls, ME. 4747
15 Old Western Avenue
Winthrop, ME. 4364
1 Fernald Point Road
Southwest Harbor, ME. 4679
71 U.S. Route 1
Scarborough, ME. 4074
123 Andover Road
Westbrook, ME. 4092
5 Dunaway Drive
Sanford, ME. 4073
166 New County Road
Rockland, ME. 4841
209 Lincoln Avenue
Rumford, ME. 4276
33 Main Street
North Berwick, ME. 3906
147 Shaker Hill Road
Alfred, ME. 4002
79-B Main Street
Auburn, ME. 4210
2 Airport Drive
Presque Isle, ME. 4769
209 Main Street
Saco, ME. 4072
336 Fisher Road
Bowdoinham, ME. 4008
Pleasant Point Sipayik
Perry, ME. 4667
6 Glen Cove Drive
Rockport, ME. 4856
44 Route 3
South China, ME. 4358
263 Main Street
Corinth, ME. 4427
28 Portland Avenue
Old Orchard Beach, ME. 4064
50 East Main Street
Harrington, ME. 4643
105 Garland Road
West Newfield, ME. 4095
31 South Belfast Avenue
Windsor, ME. 4363
23 Wabanaki Way
Old Town, ME. 4468
26 Maine
Gray, ME. 4039
17 Gary Street
South Paris, ME. 4281
140 Pleasant Street
Farmington, ME. 4938
442 Moosehead Trail
Newport, ME. 4953
4 Harbor Lane
Milbridge, ME. 4658
86 Tandberg Trail
Windham, ME. 4062
49 Pleasant Street
Springvale, ME. 4083
12 Beech Street
Calais, ME. 4619
997 Biscay Road
Bremen, ME. 4551
401 Peter Dana Point Road
Princeton, ME. 4668
73 Wilderness Drive
Medway, ME. 4460
235 Jefferson Street
Waldoboro, ME. 4572
47 Pleasant Street
Oxford, ME. 4270
1 Lincoln Street
Bath, ME. 4530
151 Main Street
Bucksport, ME. 4416
507 South Freedom Road
Albion, ME. 4910
143 Flying Point Road
Freeport, ME. 4032
1 Dewey Street
Hulls Cove, ME. 4644